Spiritual Response Therapy

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Spiritual Response Therapy clearing is unique:

I call it Practical Magic

you are a spiritual being having a physical experience

  • Spiritual Response Therapy is a powerful healing method that works at a soul level to remove the blocks to health, happiness and spiritual growth that may originate in past life trauma and the subconscious mind.When the negative energy that underlies physical, mental and emotional challenges is removed (cleared), it frees the body, mind and spirit to experience a more positive expression. .Programs such as self-punishment, self-limitation, and low self-esteem that block well-being in this lifetime, may originate pre-birth or during early childhood. For example, hate of self, often underlies the manifestation of physical, mental and spiritual dis-ease, and when removed, allows for positive change.Another enlightening effect results from clearing the energy from vows made in past religious lives where suffering was often erroneously believed to be required by those devoted to God.Most importantly it researches and corrects beliefs about the connection with Source itself; the limiting beliefs about the relationship with Spirit, which manifest as limitations in the relationship with self and others.

Spiritual Response Therapy is both transformative and practical

  • Successful Weight Loss – Identified and removed subconscious self-punishment/self-limitation programming.
  • Increased Prosperity and Wellbeing – Cleared soul (Akashic) records for a gifted healer whose past life experiences of being tortured and killed for healing and channeling were blocking successful practice in the present life.
  • Back Problems Relieved– Cleared patterns of emotional stress (Spiritual Restructuring) which assisted body to realign for golfer hindered by back problems.
  • Healthy Pregnancy for Beloved QH Mare – Cleared negative effects from a traumatic breeding experience.
  • Cleared Home – Removed negative entities and energies from house and land.
  • Increased Reiki Effectiveness – Downloaded higher Reiki levels from pastlife experience.

The appearances are that our bodies and our circumstances control our thoughts, but the opposite is true. Our thoughts control our bodies and our circumstances.”

Dr. H. Emilie Cady
Lessons in Truth

The profoundest healing of all is the healing of the human soul.”

Tom Harpur (Anon. Quote)
The Uncommon Touch – An Investigation of Spiritual Healing

General Information

I’m happy to answer questions about how Spiritual Response Therapy can transform your life. Please contact me for a free 20  min. consult and/or to arrange for long distance clearing.

  • Be free from the limitations of your past so you can live your dreams.
  • Feel  enlightened in body, mind, emotions and spirit.
  • Experience the life you deserve, filled with love, laughter and prosperity.

Ask about Initial session including past life research and coaching:

Spiritual Response Therapy facilitates positive changes as Lynn works with you and this powerful remote healing method to successfully clear the blocks to the life you want and deserve.

This is the purpose of Spiritual Response Therapy, to place you in conscious contact with your divine self and to harmonize every aspect of your being.”

Reverend Robert Detzler
Founder Spiritual Response Therapy/Spiritual Restructuring