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Enlightenment for Body, Mind and Spirit:
Spiritual Healing/Energy Clearing
Foods that support Enlightenment
Healing for Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual WellBeing
Optimum Health for your Unique Body Chemistry 

Transformational Counselling with Lynn who is an expert in the field of food addiction recovery


My Story:

I struggled with food and weight from my childhood to early adulthood. I didn’t know why something that seemed so matter of fact for others; food and eating it, was such a love-hate relationship for me. I tried to control my weight with exercise, diets, and quite frankly I didn’t care about being healthy, just being thin. If there was a “quick-fix”, I did it. But of course the “ quick-unfix”, inevitably followed.  Winning horse shows, moving to a different state or country, love affairs, business success, would often provide a temporary reprieve and I’d think,  “Aha this is it, now I’m fine, and my weight and eating will be ok.” But inevitably I’d find myself once more moving upward on the scale, either gradually, or quickly and was then again on the lookout for the next diet, or relationship, or new adventure to distract myself from my obsession with eating or not eating. Food addiction cost me my profession,  marriage and my health.

Thirty-nine years ago, the miracle happened. I began 12 Step recovery that understood that for many of us sugar and refined carbohydrates are as addictive as drugs. (The latest research is that sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine), and I began to learn how to live free from addiction of any kind. Since then I have dedicated my life to the  study and practice of transformation and spiritual healing which can support others to enlighten body, mind and spirit.

Weight Less:


  • Liberated from being a hostage to food and weight issues
  • Healthier
  • Free of the struggle.

You’ve probably felt overwhelmed after years of sorting through the thousands of diet plans, weight-loss stories and ads, and starting soooo many weird and wonderful-this- will- do- it- programs.

The “count calories”, “reduce fats” “miracle supplements”, ad infinitum, that might have worked for awhile, but eventually left you feeling defeated, frustrated and terminally unique compared to your  (we all have them) naturally thin friends.

When you’ve been successful in much of your life, it’s devastating to allow what shows in the mirror, or on the scale or tighter clothes to so often sabotage your self-esteem and erode your self-confidence.

How it Works:

  • How and why you are unique- that’s the good news
  • How to mindfully and respectfully renegotiate your relationship with food in general-that’s the good news.
  • Which foods may not be a energetic match to your highest good –that’s actually the good news although quite honestly it may not feel like it at first.
  • An overview of the positive mental/emotional foundation for your success-that’s good news too.
  • How to identify and prepare healthy, natural foods that nourish your sensitive body chemistry-that’s the good news as well.

We’ll discuss how to positively realign your body (yay!), mind, spirit and emotions. (ok yay to that, too).

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